Selection of a major professor

Master's degree students must be sponsored by a faculty member prior to admission to the program. Applicants are encouraged to contact faculty members directly to inquire about opportunities.

Admitted Ph.D. students will be accepted into a laboratory rotation program. Students will rotate with 3 different faculty members during the first two quarters of residence. Therefore it is not necessary for Ph.D. students to contact faculty members prior to application to the program. Should a Ph.D. student wish to join a particular faculty member directly, exceptions can be made. This is contingent upon the applicant fulfilling all requirements for joining the Ph.D. program as set forth by the Dean of Graduate Studies and the Graduate Group in Immunology. In addition the faculty member must state in writing to the Executive Committee of the group her/his willingness to mentor and financially support the applicant. Ph.D. student directly placed with a mentor will nonetheless enroll in IMM201L/IMM202L during their first two quarters of residency. In that class the student will report about the research work conducted in the major professor's laboratory instead of the rotation laboratory.

Just prior to the end of the winter quarter of the first year, Ph.D. students select the faculty member with whom they will conduct their thesis research. This selection is made by joint decision of the student and faculty member, and is based upon the experience of the laboratory rotation.