The Immunology Graduate Group offers an integrated curriculum that provides students a solid current knowledge base in immunology, and, importantly, enhances their ability to critically evaluate current literature through didactic coursework, participatory seminars and journal clubs.

The curriculum is centered on required immunology core courses. Additional graduate or upper division undergraduate courses are chosen by the student from the wide variety of classes taught at UC Davis to enhance and broaden their knowledge base. These courses will also prepare students to defend a chosen outside research area during their qualifying examination. Several teaching opportunities exist through a range of Departments and Schools.

Study plans and degree requirements differ depending on the degree sought. Most PhD students advance to candidacy (i.e. take their qualifying examination) in the summer of their second year. The curriculum is designed so that PhD students can fulfill all necessary coursework required for the qualifying examination in a minimum of 5 quarters. Dual degree (MD/PhD or DVM/PhD) students can fulfill all necessary coursework in a minimum of 3 quarters.