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Training Grants and Programs

Following are the NIH-supported training grants that support graduate training in various aspects of immunology and contact information for faculty that lead these training grants (i.e. act as Principal investigators (PI).

  • Animal Models of Infectious Disease, T32AI060555, Jay Solnick
  • Training in Comparative Lung Biology and Medicine, T32HL007013, Reen Wu PI
  • Veterinary Student Research Training Program, T35RR007067, Xinbin Chen PI
  • Comparative Medical Science Training Program, T32 RR007038, Nicole Baumgarth PI
  • Postdoctoral Training in Environmental Pathology, T32ES007055-28, Dennis Wilson PI
  • Training Program in Biomolecular Technology, T32GM008799-03, Bruce Hammock PI
  • Training in Molecular and Cellular Biology, T32GM007377-27, Carol Erickson
  • MD/PhD - VMD/PhD Training Programs, Saul Schaefer and Xinbin Chen, Directors.

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