Training grants and programs

Training Grants and Programs

The following are the NIH-supported training grants that support graduate training in various aspects of immunology and the Principal Investigators (PI) who direct these programs.

Please be advised that training grants usually require the student to have identified a faculty mentor and a research project. Many training grants also require the student to have "advanced to PhD candidacy", i.e. to have taken their qualifying examination (usually towards the end of year 2 of the program).

*=Faculty Members in the Immunology Graduate Group

  • Animal Models of Infectious Disease, T32AI060555, Jay Solnick*, PI
  • Training in Comparative Lung Biology and Medicine, T32HL007013, Reen Wu*, PI
  • Veterinary Student Training in Advances Research, T35OD010956, Isaac Pessah, PI
  • Comparative Medical Science Training Program, T32RR007038, Nicole Baumgarth*, PI
  • Training Program in the Biology of Disease Vectors, T32AI074550, Gregory Lanzaro, PI
  • Training Program in Biomolecular Technology, T32GM008799-03, Bruce Hammock, PI
  • Training in Molecular and Cellular Biology, T32GM007377-27, Carol Erickson, PI
  • Pharmacology Training: Bench to Bedside, T32GM099608, Donald Bers, PI
  • Training Program in Basic & Translational Cardiovascular Science, T32HL086350, Nipavan Chiamvimonvat, PI
  • Advanced Training in Environmental Health Sciences, T32ES007059, Pam Lein*, PI
  • Interdisciplinary Training for Autism Researchers, T32MH073124, Sally Rogers, PI
  • MD/PhD & DVM/PhD Training Programs, Saul Schaefer and Xinbin Chen, Directors, respectively.