Teaching opportunities

Teaching assistantships (TA-ships) are offered for graduate students to gain experience in teaching, and as a mechanism for financial support. A large number of TA-ships are available to qualified students for a variety of undergraduate courses. Immunology students usually TA in the life sciences. These positions are offered through individual departments rather than through the graduate group. Therefore, interested students need to contact these departments directly. Adequate command of the English language and a GPA of 3.0 are required for teaching assistantships. Information about availability and the department-specific application forms are best obtained directly from the individual department.

Below is a list of undergraduate classes through which immunology graduate students have received TA-ships in the past. A comprehensive description of these courses can be found online through the General Catalog. Not all courses listed offer 50% employment. Check the application. Most deadlines are two quarters before TA-ship is to be started.

TA-ships in the Division of Biological Sciences


Evolution and Ecology

BIS 1B intro biology (animal diversity/evolution)
EVE/EVT 2 biodiversity
EVE 100 intro to evolution
EVE 101 intro to ecology
EVE 102 population and quantitative genetics
EVE 103 phylogeny/macroevolution
EVE 104 community ecology
EVE 105 vertebrate phylogenetics
EVE/PLB 108 angiosperm systematics
EVE112/112L invertebrate zoology
EVE 115 marine ecology
EVE/PLB 117 plant ecology
EVE/PLB 119 weed biology
EVE 134/134F/134L herpetology
EVE 138 tropical ecology
EVE 140 paleobotany
EVE180A/B experimental ecology and evolution in field
Pop. Biology 225 terrestrial field ecology

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Exercise Biology

EXB 101 exercise physiology
EXB 102 intro to motor learning and the psychology of sport and exercise
EXB 103 analysis and control of human movement
EXB 104L exercise biology lab
EXB 110 exercise metabolism
EXB 111 environmental effects on physical performance
EXB 112 clinical exercise physiology
EXB 113 growth and development in performance
EXB 115 biomechanical basis of movement
EXB 116 nutrition for physically active persons
EXB 117 exercise and aging in health and disease
EXB 118 biomechanics of work: physical performance and standards
EXB 120 sports in American society
EXB 121 sport psychology
EXB 126 tissue mechanics
EXB 148 theory and practice of exercise testing
EXB 148L adult fitness testing lab
EXB 149L cardiopulmonary rehabilitation

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BIS 1A principles of biology (cellular/molecular)
MIC 10 natural history of infectious diseases
MIC 100 chemical and biological weapons
MIC 102 general bacteriology
MIC 102L general bacteriology lab
MIC 105 bacterial diversity
MIC 140 bacterial physiology
MIC 150 bacterial genetics
MIC 155L bacterial physiology lab
MIC 162 virology
MIC 170 yeast genetics

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Molecular and Cellular Biology

BIS 101 genes and gene expression
BIS 102 structure and function of biomolecules
BIS 103 bioenergetics and metabolism
BIS 104 regulation of cell function
MCB 10 intro of human heredity
MCB 120L general biochemistry lab
MCB 121 molecular biology of eukaryotic cells
MCB 122 structure and function of proteins
MCB 123 behavior and analysis of enzyme/receptor systems
MCB 140L cell biology lab
MCB 150/150L embryology
MCB 160 principles of genetics lab
MCB 161 molecular genetics
MCB 162 human genetics
MCB 163 developmental genetics
MCB 164 advanced eukaryotic genetics

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Neurobiology, physiology and behavior

BIS 10 general biology for nonscience majors
NPB 10 elementary human physiology
NPB 12 human nervous system
NPB 100 neurobiology
NPB 101 systemic physiology
NPB 101L systemic physiology lab
NPB 102 behavior of animals
NPB 104L cellular physiology lab
NPB 111L advances systemic physiology lab
NPB 112 neuroscience
NPB 124 comparative neuroanatomy
NPB 150 advanced animal behavior
NPB 152 hormones and behavior
NPB 168 neurobiology of addictive drugs

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Plant biology

BIS 1C principles of biology (plant biology/ecology)
PLB 11 plants, people and the biosphere
PLB 102 California floristics
PLB 105 developmental plant anatomy
PLB/EVE 108 systematics and evolution of angiosperms
PLB 111D problems in plant physiology
PLB 112D problems in plant growth and development
PLB 116 morphology and evolution of vascular plants
PLB/EVE 117 plant ecology
PLB 118 physiology